As I come to the end of this week, this is the word I have landed on to describe my current state of being.  It’s not quite burnt out, and it’s not despair, it is simply depleted.

As we waited at Faith’s bus stop this morning, we pointed our faces to the sun and just closed our eyes.  ” We are getting filled up, just like ring-tailed lemurs’, she said.

Ring-tailed Lemur Sunbathing

I soaked up that sun and that vitamin D.  But I knew I also needed a soaking of the ultimate Son as well, the One who offers rest to all who are weary today.  On days like today when I go through the motions of my job, so I can go home and rest, reminding myself again that sorrow and sighing shall flee and I will have gladness and joy because I have the One who comforts me.


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