#LearnedSomethingNew (April 5, 2014)

A couple of things that I learned this week…

#1 When a paramedic gets on the elevator, everyone else should get OFF!

We had an incident at work this week where we needed to call 9-1-1 for someone. And while we all know what to do when there is a fire, no-one really had a clear plan for calling 9-1-1 from an office tower. A single paramedic arrived before the building maintenance people were made aware and therefore didn’t have a chance to hold an elevator. The paramedic got in the elevator with a crowd of people, and ended up stopping at several floors on the way.

Why has no-one ever suggested that if a paramedic walks into an elevator, everyone should get off!! We know to pull over when we drive, why not when travelling on an elevator?

#2 Why the Pacific Coast of Canada is warmer than the East Coast.

…and in the category of things learned while helping my kids with their homework, came this gem this week. Nathan had a geography test on weather and climate and in learning about the things that affect weather and climate in Canada, we learned about ocean currents – such as the North Pacific Current. (kinda like the EAC – East Australian Current (you’re riding it dude – the EAC!).

Anyways, the NPC brings warm air currents. Whereas the East Coast gets the cold Labrador Current from the North. (and occasionaly a Gulf Stream from the south creating massive fog – which is pretty much the whole province of New Brunswick any time I have ever driven through it!!)

You’re Welcome!


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