My Number 1 Frugal Tip

Ice-Cold-WaterDon’t buy beverages.

Now, isn’t that simple?

I have read and follow lots of frugal living blogs, but I am not sure why this is never stated? Am I a heretic because I believe children can live just fine drinking nothing but water?

In North America, where running water is free, we don’t ever actually have to buy beverages. This is a luxury and NOT a need. The Dairy Council of America and the orange juice growers will have you believing that you need to drink glasses of milk every day and that you need to drink juice to get your vitamins. This is a purely North American culture thing. You can get your calcium from plenty of other sources (ie. veggies like broccoli) and you can get your vitamins from the actual fruits!!

Tips for getting your family to drink water

1. Don’t buy juice

2. Have cold water available at all times. I am always amazed when I go to someone’s house and ask for a drink of water and they pour water from the tap into a cup for me. If you don’t like the taste of tap water, get a Brita filter and keep it full with cold water in the fridge. But most tap water will taste better in a pitcher in the fridge.

3. Keep small plastic cups in a drawer reachable by everyone, and then even small children can easily get themselves a drink.

Bonus – a spilled drink of water is the easiest spill to clean up!

Now go and enjoy a (FREE) glass of ice cold water!


2 thoughts on “My Number 1 Frugal Tip

  1. Great tip! I’m water person myself. And another plus is 0 calories. If I’m gonna splurge on calories, why do it with a can of soda? I’d rather get that piece of chocolate cake with my cold glass of water. 🙂

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