Friend (Five Minute Friday)



Random thoughts passing through my head on ‘Friend’ today.

Being able to brain dump on someone – it’s been a crazy busy week and I wrote myself an email with a bunch of reminders and cc’d a friend. I knew she’d catch my brain dump and it felt like a load of my shoulders.

An invitation to coffee out of the blue – received an email from someone asking to go out for coffee- things that brighten your week.

Making silly comic strips – when your friends posts silly comics of the two of you.

A road trip with my daughter next week – yes she’s my daughter and yes it’s a mother-daughter trip but I know we will also have fun together because I love spending time with her.

A romantic off-hand comment from my husband – I know it’s corny to say he’s my best friend but it really is true.

Online strangers who take the time to comment and read your blog 🙂

Being there to pray for someone – when a friend shoots you a short email that you catch between meetings saying – I’m feeling anxious, please pray for me. And you are happy and honoured to do so.

When your friends have already arranged your drive to and from a practice knowing you are a one car family, before you even ask.

Having good friends and the privilege of being a good friend are some of the greatest blessings in life.

1 Samuel 18:1 By the time David had finished reporting to Saul, Jonathan was deeply impressed with David—an immediate bond was forged between them. He became totally committed to David. From that point on he would be David’s number-one advocate and friend.



3 thoughts on “Friend (Five Minute Friday)

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed that first comic strip- I’m all about reclining AND eating 🙂 Loved your thoughts about friend (and love the romantic off-hand comments from my husband too :). Thank you for sharing!

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