Getting The Best for Less – 7 Ways to get the best deal for the best stuff

Although our concentrated #frugalclub efforts have been fairly recent, Richard has always been one to find a good deal.

It is often that a friend will tell me that they are looking to purchase some big ticket item and ask ‘can Richard find me a good deal on x?’

There are a couple of things he does well.

1. Research – He researches to find the best product, for the features required. He reads reviews from various sources, and will sometimes talk to either people who own the product and/or the salesperson. He has a lot of patience for this and depending on the item or the amount of money, will spend considerable time on the research phase.

2. Quality, name brand, warranty are all factors to consider. Sometimes the manufacturer warranty is good enough. Other times it is worth investing in additional coverage. One example is Apple Care warranty. For a portable device such as an iPhone or iPad, the apple care warranty is definitely worth it. The odds really are that you will need it during the lifetime of your device.

3. Is there a coupon? Will they price match? Is there a sale coming up? Can I get reward points? Can I use reward points? Is there a promotion right now?

4. Does Costco sell this item or similar for a lower price?

5. Get the inside scoop – Sign up for mailing lists. Have a gmail or yahoo account that you use specifically for these types of things, because you will get lots of deals. I was at the Gap and fell in love with a pair of jeans that I thought were on sale but it turns out they weren’t. So while in the change room, I went on my iPad, signed up for their emails and immediately got an email for 25% off. Same applies to restaurants.

6. Always ask for more – so when I got to the cash at Gap with my new favourite jeans. it turned out I couldn’t use it, so I told the salesgirl how much I loved the jeans and had to have them and she found a coupon code for 40% off that was for Gap insiders. You can be friendly, smiling and ask for available deals or promotions.

7. (For Canadians) Red Flag Deals. Affectionately known as RFD. Richard has had the inside scoop for some awesome deals from this site over the years. Of course we’ve also bought things we didn’t even know we needed because of this site!! So be careful!

Always wanting the best for us, his patience and perseverance for getting the best deal always amaze me. Love this man!



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