Before Commenting on Suicide, Please Know What You’re Talking About

Not knowing what I could possibly say that would be helpful, this is one of the best things I have read so far.  Thank-you Jordan Holmes for providing a professional and compassionate perspective.

Jordan M. Holmes


I was, like so many, shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Robin William’s suicide; he was one of my favorite actors, and Hook is still one of my favorite movies. But even more shocking were some of the very misinformed reactions and statements I found on my social media feeds. Do you know that really well intentioned and well meaning individuals can sometimes say really unhelpful and silly things? Well, they can; and Christians are no exception.

Depression is a scourge that pushes a person into a prison of false reality, fear and hopelessness. False reality because most of the time, things aren’t as bad as they seem. Fear, because the person is often paralyzed by anxiety about the future. And hopelessness because the person cannot imagine things ever getting better.

This is where Robin Williams found himself on Monday.

And by Monday night, the Facebook and Twitter commentary…

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