For the Beauty of the Earth

For the Beauty of the Earth


I’m not going to say that Fall is my favourite season, but I sooo love the beauty of the earth that I see around me at this time of year.

My worship pastor commented recently that he had been listening to a new worship song and was just really moved by the lyrics. It’s only after a couple of weeks of listening did he realize the words were from a Psalm!

King David was the original worship leader. So many of his psalms proclaim the beauty of God’s creation. He uses words like majestic and splendor.

I don’t get to travel too much so I am enjoying via social media access to pictures of friends who are currently travelling in Bolivia, Iceland and England.

And I am awestruck by the sheer diversity of numerous sources of splendour on the earth.

Here are a few snapshots from this week – from my neighbourhood to Iceland to England to Bolivia.

Iceland (photo courtesy of H.Lee)


Iceland (photo courtesy of H.Lee)


Ottawa River


England (photo courtesy of K.Gardiner)


Bolivia (photo courtesy of J.Myers)