Israel, Gaza and Questioning Everything I Read (31 Days of Israel)

I started writing this in the summer and never published it. At the time, I really thought the mainstream media would realize that the whole truth was only just being uncovered. But after I discovered this little tiny article in the link below, nothing much more came of it. It’s sad that the way history gets written is never the full truth.

From the beginning of this conflict in Gaza, I have just felt like I was NOT getting the full story of what was happening from mainstream North American media.  For the first time, I started following and searching for information I knew that was missing.  I started following the IDF on Twitter, I started reading British, European and Middle East media.  I knew in my gut, we were NOT getting the full story.

Finally, some of what I knew in my gut, is finally starting to come to light

The Australian reported earlier this week

WHILE no civilian casualties are good, reports are emerging that strongly question the number of civilian casualties in Gaza.

The BBC’s head of statistics has highlighted that the figures presented are highly improbable. He says “some of the conclusions being drawn from them may be premature”. With that, Hamas’s illusion begins to crack. The reality behind it is far uglier, and more dangerous, than many have realised.



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