Blessing Our Children like Ephraim and Manasseh (31 Days of Israel)

Names, Vows, Blessing and Cursing – words have real power and the Jewish people believe this to be true in a way that Christians do not, but probably should.

One of the prayers recited at Yom Kippur (according to my research using Google) is a prayer the nulls vows that have been made. Jewish people ask God for mercy against any wrathful vows He has made against them. (If I understand correctly). But to be in a position to ask this of God, one must release others we have vowed against.

This only happens once a year, on the holiest day of the year. I think there is a lesson here for everyone to speak your words very carefully.


Another custom of Yom Kippur is for parents to say a blessing on their children. The blessing used refers to Ephraim and Manasseh, Joseph’s sons born while he was in Egypt. When Jacob (Israel) was reunited with Joseph, he asked to bless them alongside his own sons.

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I wonder if this deeply rooted history between the tribes of Israel and Egypt will play a part in the events to come….


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