The Month of No Spending FAIL

I always find that once we get into January I want just stay at home and not go out and not spend any more money. December is far too much social interaction for this introvert and far too much money gets spent in December.

So I decided to try one of those No Spending for a month things I’ve seen people do on Pinterest.

I used gift cards received as Christmas gifts to buy groceries from Costco from the list I made to meal plan the entire month of January.

Well 3 weeks into the month and we’ve spent $350 in groceries and $95 in fast food!!!

So while we didn’t attain the goal we set out, it has certainly been eye-opening for all of us as a family.  I sent an email to the family (including to each of our children, aged 17,15, and 12) to show them the transaction that added up to the amount we have spent.  Since we have been talking about the No-Spend month at home, it was good for them to see that even though it felt like they were sacrificing, we still managed to spend a fair amount of money.

Getting everyone in the family to feel the pain of money being spent