About Compassion

One of the things I am passionate about is sponsoring children through Compassion.  Compassion is an amazing organization that truly makes a difference to get kids out of poverty.  They work with local churches and focus on the individual child.

Our family sponsors one child, and I correspond with several others.

Learn more about Compassion at



I occasionally blog about my Compassion kids over at Belle Faith blogspot.



3 thoughts on “About Compassion

  1. We have a compassion kid 🙂 Do you have ideas about how to purposefully engage with sponsored children? Or how to get small (as in age) family members to engage with the sponsored children?

  2. I am so glad you asked that question!! Ha ha! I would definitely recommend Michelle’s blog – Blogging from the Boonies where she did a series of making sponsorship a family affair


    Also, here is a blog of another mom with a young child. She has created some great templates to use for letter-writing.


    Another link for involving small children in sponsorship

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