Memorizing Scripture

What you Really Know

One of my favourite quotes from Ann Voskamp

What you really know by heart

is what your heart really knows

– and what you really live

I help lead the Youth Bible Quizzing program at my church.  It is a ministry of the Missionary Alliance Church. Read more About Bible Quizzing. I feel fortunate that I have found something that I feel so much passion about.  I feel like God has given me this tremendous love for these kids.  As someone who doesn’t like noise in general, and has no patience for OPKs (Other People’s Kids), I would quit my job and devote my life to this ministry if it was an option.  I love spending all day or whole weekends quizzing with these kids!!  I have learned so much from them and learned so much about the joys of really getting into God’s Word.

Here is my most recent post on 12 Tricks for Memorizing Scripture

A couple of years ago, I did a short talk at our Women’s Retreat to encourage the women to memorize Scripture.  These three posts are based on that talk.

Memorizing Scripture – Why it is Important

Memorizing Scripture – You are in Good Company

Memorizing Scripture – My Best Tips

Why Context Matters


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