Mentally Healthy

I didn’t intend for this blog to be about mental health, or depression or anxiety or any of those things, but there seems to be a theme underlying many of my posts. I am a happily married wife with 3 kids working as a project manager in IT, so I am not qualified for anything related to Mental Health whatsoever, but since I do like to organize data, I thought I would organize a list of the posts I’ve made on the topic of mental health. They are really just my thoughts and things I have learned and wanted to write down on my own journey. Which is still ongoing by the way. So here is a collection of the links to the posts on staying mentally healthy.

Fighting the Blues – Knowing Your Warning Signs
Fighting the Blues – How to get healthier – mentally
Fighting the Blues – Maintaining Good Mental Health
Grateful (Five Minute Friday) – The anti-dote to resentment is to be grateful
Hope! the antidote to despair
Passion! the anti-dote to Apathy
Joy! The antidote to negativity
Compassion! The antidote to self-pity
Grace! The antidote to Perfectionism


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